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In Jessica's Corner provides a complete marketing consulting services that can personalize offerings to match your company's needs.

Our services cover the spectrum of designing snapchat filters, event flyers and invitations, website design, branding development, social media audits, and so much more!

In marketing, you will need to be creative in each and every step. From knowing your audience properly to designing the form and content of messages targeted at them, without being genuinely creative this thing just won't work. My passion for marketing is exactly what you need to set your business apart.

Created as an evolving brand that covers the spectrum of podcast content development and promotion, spreading to full on marketing strategy and campaign development to include content for various channels, logos and other visual assets, and so much more!

I'm here to help you content reach the masses expanding your potential to generate revenue and establish brand loyalty with your customers.

In my spare time I manage both a podcast and YouTube channel. Feel free to check it out at the links below.


Listen to my podcast here.

Watch my Youtube channel here.

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